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Dr. Kirti Khanzode

Photo of Dr. Kirti Khanzode

Dr. Kirti Khanzode holds a PhD in English from Barkatullah University in India and has more than 20 years of post-secondary education experience in three countries. She started with teaching positions and grew into management and leadership roles. Kirti has a multifaceted experience in teaching, research, and administration.

She has taught in undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive programs. Her areas of teaching interest and competence are business communication, leadership, team dynamics, and negotiation skills.

As an administrator she has managed a variety of portfolios such as student recruitment, student services, and program management.

Kirti has published research articles in reputed journals, including Ivey and Harvard Business Review. Her research interests include integration of technology in creating student engagement in the teaching-learning process. She is a passionate business case writer who enjoys writing teaching cases centered around growth and expansion strategies of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Management Communication, Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Team Building, Negotiation Skills, Change Management, and Artificial Intelligence

Management Communication, Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Team Building, Negotiation Skills, Change Management, and Artificial Intelligence

English Language and Communication, Management Communication


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