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Graduate Foundation Program

Applicants seeking admission to graduate programs at UNF who do not meet the entrance requirements for that program but have a minimum of a 2.67 GPA from their undergraduate program and meet the English Language Proficiency requirements may be eligible to enter the Graduate Foundations Program. 

The Graduate Foundation Program is a one-semester program during which students will take three undergraduate courses (9 credits). 

The Graduate Foundation Program is available
in-person and online.

Students may choose three courses from the following (depending on availability): 

  • COMM 140: Business Communications (3) 
  • BUSI 110: Digital Business Fundamentals (3) 
  • MATH 201: Business Statistics (3) (required for entry to Master of Data Analytics) 
  • CPSC 201: Business Information Systems and Emerging Technologies (3) 
  • BUSI 321: International Business (3) 
  • CPSC 355: Big Data (3) 
  • PHIL 210: Business Ethics (3) 
  • BUSI 401: Managerial Decision-Making (3) 
  • BUSI 420: Leadership and Management (3)  

Students must achieve a GPA of 3.0 in the Graduate Foundations Program to progress to a Masters Program.  

Refund Guarantee: Terms & Conditions

International students who have been admitted to a master’s program at the University of Niagara Falls Canada with a condition requiring completion of the Graduate Foundation program prior to commencing their master’s level courses may enrol in the Graduate Foundation program online and are eligible for the Refund Guarantee Program.

International students who commence the Graduate Foundation program online from outside Canada for the Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Winter 2025, and Spring 2025 Terms prior to securing a study permit and who are unsuccessful in obtaining a study permit within nine (9) months of the start of their online studies will be eligible for a full refund if they submit their student visa refusal letter within ten (10) working days of receipt. Study permit refusal due to submission of fraudulent documents will disqualify the student for the refund. The student must successfully complete the Graduate Foundation program to qualify for the refund. Course retakes within the program are permitted but the tuition for the course retake will not be refunded. 

Tuition Fees for online study in the Graduate Foundation program will be charged at domestic student rates of $266.67 per credit for a total tuition fee of $2,400.03.  Additional mandatory fees of $11.54 per credit will apply; however, Student Health Insurance fees do not apply for online studies.

The refund will exclude and be subject to:

•      Tuition Refund Processing fee ($250)

•      Non-refundable application fees

•      A $45 wire fee or a $35 credit card refund fee, if applicable