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English for Academic Purposes

Students who do not meet the minimum English language requirements for entry to UNF programs can still improve their English skills to qualify for admission to a degree program. UEAP 030: Academic English Preparation Advanced (0) requires a minimum IELTS 6.0 overall with a writing band of 5.5. Students who are admitted/entered to UEAP030 with the appropriate IELTS or scores can also take one quantitative academic course along with UEAP 030. Students interested in this option should speak to an academic advisor.

Course Description 

UEAP 030: Academic English Preparation Advanced (0) 

In this integrated skills course, students enhance their prior academic English knowledge and hone the skills necessary to succeed in a Canadian university context. Students incorporate research and critical reading to critique sources and perfect their knowledge of APA citations and referencing, compose and review constructive peer feedback on academic papers, and refine their academic writing, lecture note-taking system, debate and oral presentation skills. A core focus is on fine tuning the student’s ability to think critically, evaluate and analyze sources effectively, and build a logical, well supported argument with a broad range of academic language structures and vocabulary. Successful completion of the course with a minimum of 80% meets the English requirement for entry into UNF degree programs.