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University of Niagara Falls Canada to welcome new students in 2024

New university will deliver technology-oriented education and bring significant economic growth to the Niagara region.

The University of Niagara Falls Canada is pleased to announce that it will be ready to welcome new students in 2024, following Government of Ontario approval. Operated by Global University Systems Canada (GUS Canada), the new university will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the 21st-Century workforce. The university will also provide the Niagara Region — and all of Ontario — with major economic and employment benefits.

“Today, we celebrate an important milestone for the University of Niagara Falls Canada, and the entire Niagara Region. Thanks to the hard work and support of the Government of Ontario, as well as Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, students from across the country will soon call our university and the City of Niagara Falls home,” said Cyndi McLeod, Board Director for the University of Niagara Falls Canada and CEO of GUS Canada. “We know Ontarians, whether they are just finishing high school or looking for the skills they need for a second career, want to attend a university that offers the digital mindset employers have come to expect from new employees.”

Bringing significant economic growth to the Niagara region

The direct and indirect impact of this new institution will be significant. On an annual basis, the University of Niagara Falls Canada is expected to generate $291 million in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), $194 million in labour income, and $23 million in government tax revenue, according to an analysis conducted by economist Dr. Roslyn Kunin. The University of Niagara Falls Canada will help grow the local Niagara Falls economy, while also providing the skilled labour businesses across the province require.

“This is a massive windfall for the City of Niagara Falls,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati.  “If there was one thing on my bucket list that we had still yet to do in a big way in our community, it was this.  It has been a long road behind the scenes, with many challenges, but today makes it all worthwhile.  This downtown and our community will be bustling with students, new technology education and all of the economic off-spin that will come with it.  Thanks to the determination of GUS, the commitment of a forward-thinking Provincial Government and a dedicated team of people, University of Niagara Falls, Canada will now be a reality.” 

The University of Niagara Falls Canada will bring new vitality to the city’s downtown core when it fully opens its doors in 2024. It will attract students of all ages and stages from across the Niagara Region, Ontario and the country.

“Business and industry leaders helped shape curriculum, program and degree offerings with local labour market needs in mind and based on extensive consultations in the community,” said McLeod. “We look forward to working with the city, the region and the province in the months and years ahead.”

Delivering world-class, digitally-minded education

“A new university for Niagara Falls is good news for the region, the local economy, and for employers in high-demand fields,” said Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities Jill Dunlop. “Our government is committed to supporting high-quality post-secondary education that provides workers with the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.”

The University of Niagara Falls Canada will be offering a host of distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the needs of today’s employers, including emerging technology, data analytics, business and digital media.

“The University of Niagara Falls Canada will be rooted in core values of innovative education and research,” said Sheldon Levy, President of University Canada West and a special advisor to the University of Niagara Falls Canada. “Whether it’s a young person looking to build the foundation of their career or a working professional looking to advance their skills, the University of Niagara Falls Canada will ensure our graduates leave with a set of skills and a way of looking at the world that sets them up for success.”  Levy is the current president of University Canada West, another GUS Canada institution based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was previously president of Toronto Metropolitan University from 2005 to 2015 overseeing the expansion of its campus and the creation of its highly successful campus-based incubator, the Digital Media Zone (DMZ). 

Building on Global University Systems’ track record of national and international success

The University of Niagara Falls Canada will draw on the demonstrated expertise of Global University Systems (GUS) — one of the largest education groups in the world; offering accredited bachelor’s, master’s, medical and law degree programs, vocational and professional qualifications, and language courses to approximately 100,000 students globally at its 57+ teaching locations in the U.K., India, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Canada, and the Caribbean.

GUS Canada has successfully introduced many innovative post-secondary institutions to communities across the country over the past decade, including University Canada West (Vancouver), the Canadian College of Technology and Business (Vancouver), the Toronto School of Management (Toronto), the Trebas Institute (Toronto and Montreal), and The Language Gallery (Vancouver and Toronto).