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UNF adds Oxford ELLT to its accepted tests for English language proficiency

University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF) has a new partner when it comes to English language proficiency, the Oxford International Digital Institute.

Students looking to study at UNF who need to prove their proficiency in the English language will now be able to take the Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT).

English is the exclusive and official language of instruction and examination at UNF. Success in both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered at the university will require a high level of English language proficiency.

As Ontario’s newest university, UNF is currently accepting applications for programs set to begin at its downtown Niagara Falls campus in Spring 2024. Applicants whose first language is not English, or who have received their education in another language, will have to provide evidence of their English language proficiency at a university level.  

UNF is now one of 70+ universities around the world who are accepting Oxford ELLT as one of its approved proficiency tests.

Visit our English Language Proficiency Requirements page to learn more.