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University of Niagara Falls Canada joins UMAP student exchange consortium

Students enrolled at the University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF) will soon have the opportunity to study abroad for one to two terms as part of a new exchange program.

On April 9, 2024, UNF signed the Pledge of Agreement with University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), a consortium of higher education institutions and partners with a shared goal of enhancing study-abroad opportunities across the Asia Pacific region. They achieve this through a diverse array of short and long-term in-person and virtual exchange programs, as well as Collaborative Online International Learning experiences.

The UMAP Consortium comprises more than 220 active colleges and universities in 25 countries and territories in Asia and the Pacific Rim. The exchange program strives to facilitate greater understanding of countries’ cultures, economies, and societies through collaborative partnerships and increased exchange activities.

Through this exchange program, UNF students will have the opportunity to study in Asia and the Americas for one or two terms, while a student from the partner institution may choose to come to Niagara Falls and study at UNF. There are also virtual exchange opportunities available.

“Our university’s commitment to fostering a great academic experience for students goes beyond the classroom,” said David Gray, UNF provost and vice president, academic. “By engaging in cross-cultural experiences, our students can gain a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, develop adaptability, and build lifelong connections. Exchange programs like this enrich our campus community and contribute to a more interconnected world.”

There are many benefits of UMAP membership:

  • By signing the Pledge of Agreement, UNF has access to hundreds of potential partner institutions and this strengthens UNF’s strategic internationalization goals. 
  • With access to UMAP programs, all member institutions can send students for semester-long or short-term study experiences in other countries, enhancing student mobility and cross-cultural learning experiences.
  • In addition to offering opportunities for student exchange, UMAP also offers networking and professional development activities for faculty, staff, and administrators.

With the generous support of Global Affairs Canada, the UMAP International Secretariat is providing funding for study abroad programs (physical and virtual) within the UMAP consortium.

Scholarships are available for Canadian citizen students at UNF looking to participate in an exchange, as well as students from outside Canada looking to come study at UNF. The scholarship value is based on the type and length of the program.