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University of Niagara Falls Canada Partners with ILAC for New Pathway

University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF) and ILAC and have signed a pathway agreement making it easier for students to take the next step in their educational journeys. Students enrolled in ILAC's pathway programs now have the opportunity to fulfill their English proficiency requirements for both graduate and undergraduate programs at UNF by transferring directly from the qualifying university pathway programs provided by ILAC in Toronto or Vancouver.

“The University of Niagara Falls in Canada creates more opportunities for international students to come to Canada and pursue their educational and career goals in one of the most famous cities in the world,” says John DeFranco, ILAC Education Group CEO.

To ensure a seamless transition for students and to ensure their success in their programs, University of Niagara Falls Canada will accept ILAC Pathway Level 3.3 as equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5.

Situated in the heart of Niagara Falls, Canada’s most popular travel and tourism destination, University of Niagara Falls Canada offers a variety of professionally oriented undergraduate and graduate programs, including:

• Master of Data Analytics
• Master of Management
• Master of Arts in Digital Media and Global Communications
• Honours Bachelor of Business Administration
• Honours Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences

“University of Niagara Falls Canada is committed to making quality higher education available to motivated students looking to succeed in their chosen fields,” says Cyndi McLeod, CEO of GUS Canada. “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting new pathway partnership, creating a new avenue for students to transition directly into our programs from an ILAC pathway. This collaboration embodies the spirit of educational accessibility and global connectivity, opening doors for aspiring learners worldwide.”

University of Niagara Falls Canada began accepting applications in Fall 2023 and are hosting monthly open house events and weekly webinars for prospective students, parents, and community members. The first cohort of students will begin their studies in April 2024.

“University of Niagara Falls Canada’s high demand programs such as Biomedical Science will help prepare students for medical careers around the world,” said DeFranco. “We expect the Master of Management with two specializations, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology, will be very popular program options among our students.”

This April, ILAC will showcase the University of Niagara Falls Canada following the annual Canada Partnership Forum in Toronto. Select international agents will have the chance to visit the new campus and discover all that the region of Niagara has to offer.

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