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Metaverse’s impact on digital communication explored in book from UNF associate dean

From filmmaking and video games to linguistics and digital communications, the widespread influence of the Metaverse is explored through a collection of essays edited by an associate dean from the University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF).  

Released earlier this year through CRC Press, The Future of Digital Communication: The Metaverse, edited by Raquel Benitez Rojas, Associate Dean of UNF’s Master of Arts in Digital Media and Global Communications program has become one of the publisher’s best-selling books on the Metaverse.  

“I created a book where we touch on the different elements that are key to understanding what the Metaverse is and its evolution. We talk about how it was started, communication in the Metaverse, new linguistics and cultures in the Metaverse, video games in the Metaverse, and more,” said Benitez Rojas.  

Raquel with her book

The essays, written by global experts and scholars, touch on 11 key points relating to the Metaverse, ranging from how it used to be and what it will do for society, to how it is expected to change the future of how one understands communication. It is already being used in universities as a textbook and by professionals as a reference guide.  

“While there are other books on the Metaverse, none of them talk about things in the way that we do,” Benitez Rojas said. “We’re interested in not only exploring what the Metaverse is, but also the impact it will have on communication in the future.”  

While the Metaverse is the present, Benitez Rojas said it is also the future. Describing it as a parallel universe where users can create their own avatar and a new persona, she said there are many opportunities that can be found in this new space. It also creates many new opportunities for learning experiences for students.  

This fall, UNF will launch a pilot project where students in one course will be invited to study in the Metaverse. If it is successful, it will be expanded to other courses. Benitez Rojas said this groundbreaking opportunity will provide students with direct access to professors and deepen their understanding of this parallel universe and its capabilities while also providing them with unique insight into the course materials.  

“We are a digital society. Everything is global and there is nothing more global than the Metaverse. The Metaverse is being used outside of Canada in terms of teaching and we are looking to bring that here to UNF and put our own spin on it,” said Benitez Rojas.  

UNF's Provost and Vice-President, Academic David Gray said pilot projects like this are just another example of how UNF is ensuring its students graduate with the skills they need to succeed.  

“The rapid evolution of technology has transformed the landscape of education, making it imperative for academic institutions to embrace a digital mindset. This not only enhances learning experiences but also equips students with the critical skills needed to thrive in a digitally driven world.”  

Benitez Rojas has authored and edited 14 books and a new one, Revolutionizing Communication: The Role of Artificial Intelligence, is set to be published later this year.