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UNF professor examines effect of technology on workplace dynamics in research paper

The changes in work dynamics and employees’ ways of work based on recent technological changes in organizations was explored in a recent research paper authored by a faculty member of the University of Niagara Falls Canada.  

An assistant professor in the Master of Management program, Sana Mumtaz recently presented her paper at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) 2024 Conference in Montreal. ASAC is a professional body bringing together those interested in research, teaching, and management practices. Its annual conference held this year June 1 to 3 in Montreal, with virtual sessions taking place May 28 and 29, featured 20 interdisciplinary tracks. It brought together business academics to innovate organizational management, share their passion, and network.  

Mumtaz participated in the conference and virtually presented the article in the Human Resources division of the conference.  

It conceptualized how the recent technological changes have led to non-work change experiences for employees. On the one hand, recent technological advancements have facilitated employees in improving work efficiency. On the other hand, it has led to reduced social interactions and weakened ties development among members, consequently leading to an adverse impact on the socio-psychological change experiences of employees.  

“The proposed model has identified some ways to overcome challenges of recent technological advancements and ways to enhance the social relationships of employees. For instance, it has elaborated on the crucial role of ‘eating behavior’ of employees and how collective eating behavior in organizations might facilitate employees in informal interactions and leads to an enhanced understanding about each other’s expectations in comparison to individual eating behavior,” Mumtaz said.