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Niagara Fall Innovation Hub

Niagara Fall Innovation Hub

Partner Info:

Located just one block north of the UNF campus, NFIH provides collaborative workspaces that deliver tailored programming, tech resources, and piloting and validation opportunities. These resources assist entrepreneurs in Niagara to grow, scale, create jobs and diversify the economy. With an expanding ecosystem of SME’s (Small-Medium Enterprise), NFIH has already made tremendous strides in impacting Niagara’s economy through growth, innovation, and job creation.

Partnership Highlights:

UNF students will benefit from facilitation services for capstone projects, challenge-based learning opportunities, internships, field placements, service learning, and applied research projects. NFIH will actively foster partnerships with work-integrated learning (WIL) clients, which include NFIH partners, members, and community users.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to utilize the NFIH’s Podcast Studio and Content Creation Suite, Makerspace, and BASE Lab, along with participating in community events, networking sessions, summits, conferences, and pitch competitions.